Ten Ping 8"

1800, Ten Ping

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Gigi is perfection in her 1800’s dress. It has a low cut bodice, elbow length sleeves that end in ruffles and lace. The skir of her dress has a ruched trim. On top of her dress she wears a pretty apron with lace trim.

Her pantaloons are tucked and have an eyelet hem.

Fitted on Ruby Red Galleria 8" Ten Ping doll
Bust 4-1/2"
Waist 4-1/8"
Hip 4-5/8"

1800 pattern for Ten Ping

1800 a sewing pattern on Gigi Close up of the 1800 sewing pattern on Ten Ping

Ten Ping, Gigi in 1800 dress full length view 1800 Pattern, Ten Ping RubyRedGalleria

1800 sewing pattern, Ten Ping 1800 sewing pattern, Ten Ping