Date Night

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This pattern has a fitted jacket, bustier and hip hugging pants with belt. The pattern will fit both slim FID and the Original FID. Two pants patterns are included.

The jacket is fitted and tailored. It has a full lining and three button front. The pants open in the back for a smooth front that works great with the belt.

The bustier has simple princess seams and a basic of every wardrobe. It opens down the back with snaps.

Fitted on Iplehouse FID
Bust 8 3/4"
Waist 5 5/8"
Hip 8 1/8"

and Original
Bust 8 5/8"
Waist 5 3/4"
Hip 8 1/2"


FID Slim in Bustier Full lenght FID Slim in pant and bustier

FID Slim Sitting with Jacket FID S and FID O

Date Night on both FID Girls Standing in Date Night Jacket, Bustier and Pants

Close up of Jacket on FID Original FID Original FID Original