1790 SD

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In this pattern you will find Sooah wearing a period dress of the 1790’s. The French Revolution. Viva la France.

Her outfit consists of lined open gown, with ribbon on the skirt. Eyelet and French gimp trim on the bodice and sleeves. The petticoat or skirt is quilted.

On top of her petticoat she has an apron trimmed in lace. To finish her look she has a fichu for modesty. You can get her shoe pattern from the Free Stuff page, 1790 SD Shoe.

Fitted on ElfDoll with Large Bust
Bust 9-7/8"
Waist 7-1/2"
Hip 10-1/4"

1790 SD
1790 close up view of bodice Another close up view, 1790

1790 Pattern Full length view with skirt bustled up Back view with skirt bustled up

Back view bodice detail full length view with skirt down Side back view with skirt down

Sleeve detail Shoe detail