There in Black & White

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She loves her white poncho, it is lacy and soft. The hood keeps her warm on the walk to Mom’s apartment. New York is windy this time of year. The matching scarf is a plus when the wind picks up.

Under the poncho she has a printed T in cotton/Lycra.It is long enough to tuck in her low rise, slim fitting, slightly flared pants. They are made in black baby cord and have a wide and low waistband with belt loops and front pockets. Included in the pattern is her black leather belt which is trimmed in studs.

Fitted on ElfDoll with Large Bust
Bust 9-7/8"
Waist 7-1/2"
Hip 10-1/4"

<There in Black & White, SD
There in Black & White, SD There in Black & White, SD

Top of jeans and belt Poncho

Back view with skirt bustled up