Patsy & Half-Pint

Mary Frances

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This reminded me of the Mary Frances sewing book, and I thought that she looked ready stitch something for her bear.

The dress has a solid bodice with flat plaid piping at the waist, puffed sleeves ending in cuffs and an appliqué on the center front. The skirt is a made in a mini yarn dyed check and has a tucked detail. Under her dress she wears pantaloons with double rows of flat lace trim and an elastic waist.

To keep her dress clean she wears an apron of calico with solid bound hem, and ribbon tie at the back.

Mary Frances

Full lenght view of Patsy in Mary Frances outfit Another view of the Mary Frances outfit.

Mary Frances on Patsy/Half Pint Mary Frances side view Full side view

Back view showing apron Without the apron sitting on a bench

Mary Frances without the apron Mary France bodice close up