Little Darling

French Lesson

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Little Darling and Betsy McCall™ wear a great easy to make dress. The dress is shown in two fabrics with different trim. First is a calico and then a linen. Both dress have a Bedford cord yoke.

The tights are mad of a stretch lace and the beret is made of felt with a broadcloth lining.

Fitted on Doll Studio, Dianna Effner’s Little Darling
Bust 5-1/2"
Waist 5-1/8"
Hip 6-3/4"

French Lesson for Little Darling and Betsy McCall

LD Close up Betsy looking sweet with her linen dress,

Riding to her French lesson is our Little Darling Betsy and Emily, best friends

Showing the dress from the side they looked so cute'

French Lesson