Déjà Vu™


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Vaguely reminiscent of the English countryside in the 1920’s, Déjà Vu™ looks smart in her city riding gear.

She had pleated front jodhpurs and a tailored men’s style blouse. Over that she wears a knit vest which opens down the back for easy dressing. She also wears a fitted jacket made in a lightweight men’s suiting fabric. To complete her look she is wearing a cloche hat made of felt.

This pattern was fitted on Tonner Doll Déjà Vu™
Bust 6"
Waist 4-1/8"
Hip 6-7/8"

Ralph for Deja Vu

Ralph Close up of collar Full lenght outfit on Deja Vu

Close up without jacket Deja Vu sitting

Showing back of hat Sitting full length