Ellowyne Wilde™

Flower Power

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Fun and a little kooky, Ellowyne looks to cute in her denim skirt and body suit. The knit body suit has long bell sleeves, and a square neckline. The front has a V opening with eyelets and tie. The sleeves are trimmed in cotton Venice lace.

Her denim skirt has fly front opening, yoked back, front pockets and back patch pockets. Shaped waistband has snap closure. Don’t forget to make her thigh highs, found on the free stuff page.

Fitted on Wilde Imagination’s Ellowyne Wilde
Bust 6-3/4"
Waist 4-7/8"
Hip 7-1/4"

Flower Power
Flower Power Flower Power

Flower Power Flower Power view from the side

Flower Power back view of skirt Delilah Noir