Tiny BJD Page 2

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Patterns for 30cm dolls such as Petite Ai and BID

Flower Girl BID 1800 Petite Ai and Nautical BID Weekend Fun BID Folkloric Leeann/Pitite Ai Birthday Girl
Heidi Leeann Bubble Gum Sunday Best Jeepster Ashley Pitite Ai May Flowers
Winter Weather Leeann Summer Swing Leeann/Petite Ai 1910 Leeann/Petite Ai Sweet as Pie Hoodie Time BID What a girl wants.
Venice Beach BID

Doll Clothes Patterns for
30cm -Larger Dolls such as KID and Narsha

Mary Grace, KID Mary Grace, KID Mary Grace, KID Venice Beach Narsha Mary Grace, KID A Rose is a Rose Narsha
Cinnamon Girl KID Garden Party pattern for Narsha Pumpkin Pie Narsha Sailor Moon KID pattern Olivia pattern fitted on KID Summer Swing Narsha/Betsy
Sweet Summertime Narsha/Betsy May Flowers fitted on KID Little Cutie Narsha pattern Little Frog Narsha

Boy Dolls 27cm - 30cm Chubby such as Little Fee and BID

Hoodie Time BID Little Man BID Fauntleroy LittleFee Xtreme LittleFee Monkey Business