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These patterns include clothing and accessories for BJD and Fashion dolls.

The following free patterns are Adobe PDF files, and you will need Adobe Reader to use them. If you don't have it installed already you and use the link above to get a copy. For Doll Comparison photos click on the link.

Doll Comparison Photos:
Doll Comparison Page

Stockings and tights:
Marley Thigh High Sock
Ellowyne Thigh-High
Tyler Legging
Ellowyne Tights
Kish Lark Thigh High
MSD Narae Thigh High
MSD Soul Kid Thigh High(old mature)
Leeann or Ange Ai Thigh High
Elf Doll Sooah or
Iplehouse Sylvia Thigh High

Leeann's Beret
Marley/Tyler Ski Cap
Linn's Denim Hat

Holiday Patterns:
Holiday 2016 Dianna Effner Little Darling
Holiday 2015 Wilde Imagination Evangline Ghastly
Holiday 2014 Kish Chrysalis Lark
Holiday 2013 FairyLand LittleFee
Holiday 2012 Affordable Designs Leeann
Holiday 2011 Kish Chrysalis Lark
Holiday 2010 SD ResinSoul Dai
Holiday 2009 Wilde Imagination Ellowyne
Holiday 2008 SD ResinSoul Dai

Purses and Bags:
Heart Bag
Kitty's Gray Shoulder Bag

Other Accessories:
Antoinette's Belt for Snow White
Marley Shoe
Tyler Evening Wrap
1790 Petticoat Quilting Template
1790 SD shoe
Brummel Tie

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