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These are photos of my fashion and bjd dolls side by side for comparison. You will notice that they are lined up at the crotch for a better idea of the body size between each doll. This is the measurement that matters most when trying to determine if a pattern will fit your doll. Total shoulder to crotch for one piece garments, then waist to crotch for pants. The girth measurements are important, but are easy to adjust. Bust measurements can be made in the case of really large to not so large, but not to flat or preteen. The 1790 pattern for SD girls was made on large busted Sooah by Elfdoll, but I found it was and easy adjustment to the front top of the bodice to make it fit my Iplehouse girls. Your fitting skills will determine if you would buy a pattern not fitted on your doll

My Doll Comparison Photos:

Mini Size BJD Mini Size Boy BJD and Fashion Boys Mini Size BJD with Lark Tiny Size BJD and Fashion Dolls
Tiny Size BJD and Fashion Dolls Fashion BJD and Tyler

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