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Female Dolls

MiniFee, Narae, MiniSup, Souldoll and DIM Happy-Immature body

Wicked White A Riding Habit fits DIM Happy doll with immature body Gerogie Girl Off the Top fits MiniSup and Narae pattern Day Tripper fitted on Narae also fits MiniSup and other taller slim bjd Private School pattern fitted on MiniFee
Private School pattern fitted Narae 1790 pattern was fitted on Narae, will also fit MiniSup Miss Austen fitted on both MiniFee and Narae Wild thing pattern fitted on Goodreau and Narae Jane Says pattern fitted for Narae and MiniSup Dreaming fitted on Souldoll also fits Narae and MiniSup
Dreaming Shine Wonderland Sweetie Denim days 20th Century Girl
Dottie Double Trouble Passion for Plaid Heaven Sent Steampunk Flirty
All Dolled Up Endless Summer fits DIM Happy doll with immature body Prim and Proper fits DIM Happy doll with immature body